Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, January 16, 2017

October 3, 2016

I have to agree about conference, it was incredible!! I had a ton of questions answered and the spirit has been working in me ever since!

I had the opportunity to listen in Spanish this time and had no problem keeping up when I was focused on listening. I got a lot out of it and my heart was touched. 

The gospel has been changing me quite a bit lately or at least I feel like it has. I've been seeing a lot of really awesome blessings.

First my companion is amazing! He's really touched my heart with his service, patience and desire to serve the Lord. 

The other day we taught a new guy whose name is Gustavo. He's married and has a 3 year old girl. He found out recently that he might have cancer and has been depressed ever since since his mother recently passed away because of cancer. He's really awesome and I felt the spirit tell me he was ready to hear the gospel. So we taught him, we began with lesson one, then both me and my companion felt the spirit take a step back and my companion began to teach a little of lesson two until the spirit took a step back again and then a little of lesson three. My companion had talked most of the time and I just sat there praying for him and praying for guidance from the spirit but felt nothing... I just sat and listened to my companion, I felt him get desperate as he tried and tried to find guidance then a knock at the door and Gustavo got up to answer it. My companion looked at me with pleading eyes and said "I feel lost" I thought to myself as I kinda laughed "yea me too.." but I replied to him with a simple "just follow the spirit". Gustavo came back and sat down. We just sat there for about a minute, and I just looked at Gustavo and thought "Heavenly Father what should I say, what does he need?" Gustavo originally called us because his friend, a member, told him we could give blessings.. I began to talk, I testified of everything my companion had said and of the testimony of the member that had accompanied us. I explained understanding that we had touched a lot of topics and ideas and testified that in time it would all make sense. I testified that we hold the authority to act in God's name to give blessings and expressed my understanding that he must feel very stressed and sad and discouraged at the knowledge he might have cancer and offered him the option of receiving a blessing. His face exploded with joy and accepted. We gave him a blessing and then we prayed on our knees together and he offered it. We ended and we went home to eat dinner. 

On our arrival my companion sat down and began to tear up, he began to express gratitude to me for showing him so much patience, he told me how he knew he needed to get better at following the promptings of the Spirit and apologized for going all over the place in the lesson. He told me about his first companion who was very cold and never showed much love, how everyday he wondered if his companion hated him and how he tried so hard to serve him and love him. and he told me he was grateful for how loving and humble I am haha which I'm sure many people would say he's crazy for saying that. My eyes filled with tears as he cried and thanked me. I told him he didn't need to be sorry that I was just as lost in that lesson as he was and that every missionary struggles with patience and with finding the spirit. I thanked him for seeking the Spirit even when it was hard to find and I thanked him for thanking me and for having patience and love for me. 

My companion is awesome, we usually teach really well with the Spirit, haha, that's why this experience was so hard to take in. It's incredible the spirit I feel when I teach with him and when we testify. We did a practice in a district meeting the other day and our zone leader was our investigator and he thought he had come up with a pretty good iceberg. We asked inspired questions and then we taught, testified and motivated and ended with compromisos. The room filled with the Spirit and our zone leader was blown away... He told us we had just reconverted him to the Gospel and had inspired him as a missionary to be better, everyone just laughed, unsure of what to say after a practice so full of the spirit. 

haha, my companion is awesome, the spirit is awesome and this Gospel is awesome!!! I love It!!! I won't say it's easy, but I love it. 

Love Elder Gonzalez