Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

This week has been really long and hard. No one is progressing right now. I think the Lord is working on me and my companion's humility and patience. On top of having a hard week, my companion got a super bad migraine and he thinks he will have it for a few days. He's really out of it so I'll probably be doing most of the work today and tomorrow with teaching and planning and stuff. I've been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time. I'm in 1 Nefi 15. In chapter 7, I believe, Laman and Lemuel are going back to Jerusalem and left Nefi tied up in the desert. Nefi breaks free because of his faith (super cool scriptures) and then he's guided by the Spirit to seek out his brethren, and everything he says comes from what the spirit directs. He calls his brethren to repentance and convinces them to return to the tent of their father. If Nefi didn't listen to the words of the Spirit right then, the entire Book of Mormon would be different. A completely different story and history and maybe even an entire different history of the American continents. I mean Columbus was directed by the Lord to come to the Americas. It's prophesied of in Nefi chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, I believe, but what if Nefi didn't listen to the Spirit and let Laman and Lemuel go back to Jerusalem. There never would have been a Lamanite nation...... there may not have been a need for Columbus or even the creation of the United States and the preparation for the restoration of the Gospel would have had to be set up in some other manner. Crazy! ...and all because one guy spoke by the spirit, that he was worthy to have the spirit and had faith enough in the Lord to trust the spirit. 

The last few chapters of Moroni will change the way you look at life.... Moroni writes to his son, unsure if he will ever see him again because of the wars with the Lamanites. He talks about the wickedness of the Laminites... cannibals and stuff, and yet at the end of chapter 8 he tells his son to pray for them..... these Lamanites are killing, murdering, raping women and children, and Moroni has enough love that he desires his son to pray for them, not only that, but in chapter 9 he tells his son to be diligent in the work... What work is there to be done... the Lamanites are done for, they are so far from the Lord, they are denying the Holy Ghost even after knowing him..... but Moroni desires his son to be diligent in the work and to pray for the Lamanites... if that is not the pure love of Christ I don't know what it is.... If you read the scriptures, not with your eyes, but with your heart, you will understand sooo much. These people existed, they lived and breathed. Just imagine what it will be like to meet these men, these prophets after this life.... and then think just what it might be like to meet Christ.... who was perfect, without sin.... Will we be able to look up at him in the eyes and say that we have loved him? 

The scriptures are a tool that we overlook way too much. I wish I had read them with a depth that I read them now. If I had one wish it would be that every person would read the book of mormon with their heart.... applying every word to their lives..... if we could do that, if we could be faithful in reading and feasting on the words of Christ, we could change this world in a blink of an eye. The prophets tell us this over and over, we hear it in primary, in seminary, in FHE, in church, from our parents and leaders that we should read our scriptures and we don't. And why not? We don't have time, we forget, we don't want to, it's hard, why????  We don't do it because we don't understand them... the scriptures are not just words they are not just a book to read, they are the words of Christ, the words of God. They are the words of life... the key to life is reading the scriptures and applying them in our hearts. It's hard, we are busy people, we have things to do in our lives..... but we are not on this earth to sleep, to play video games, to hang out with friends, to text, to do chores, to take vacations, to waste time..... We are here to become like our Heavenly Father, to learn, to strengthen faith, to repent, to be baptized and then persevere until the end spiritually. Why do we go to church?  Why do we keep commandments?  Because we are supposed to? or because we love our Heavenly Father? 

Read the scriptures with your heart, and ask Heavenly Father for help to do so and your eyes will be opened. 

Our Heavenly Father lives. He loves us. Christ lives and loves us too. This church is Christ's church, restored to this earth with a living prophet as our guide. This coming weekend we have the chance to listen to our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who speaks directly to God, who holds all the restored priesthood keys of this earth for the church of Jesus Christ. Find a notebook and a good pen, and open your hearts to every word he says, pray for guidance and pray for revelation. Through the words of the prophet and the apostles, through the words of God, we can edify our lives and sanctify our lives if we apply what is taught. If we forget what is taught in a couple of weeks and stop applying it because we forgot or it's too hard or we don't have the patience or time, what good does a prophet do us? We have tools on this earth to use them. Before my mission, I didn't understand that. I overlooked them. And I was "too busy" to use them. But they are there waiting to be used. Please use them. I don't know a whole lot, I'm a 19 year old kid, but i know, with my entire soul that these things are true, and i promise, that if we are diligent in our hearts at using these tools, one day we will return to live in our Father's home for eternity with a happiness unlimited. Do not give up a future like that for a video game, for a chore, or for any other thing that satan might put in your way. 

I miss you all and love you all so very much. Stay stong, read your scriptures and keep pushing on. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. Your soul is great in the sight of God. 

Elder Gonzalez 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015


Regular letters go to the mission office... not sure the adress, I'll look it up and I read emails online. P-days are always different. Today we went to a park as a zone, 24 missionaries and played sports. My Spanish is apparently really good for how much time I have, apparently I speak as though I have 6 months. I have 2 plus a month and a half in the MTC. LOL, so good I guess. Write me in Spanish to test me, although your Spanish is probably different than mine. My companion is Elder Bentley, from utah. He's awesome, he has 11 months. We get along super well and teach really well too. Packages I don't know much about. What would I like.... rootbeer..... lol, ummmm idk what else.... anything really, letters, maybe my cargo jogger pants lol idk really I've got most everything... texas tortillas Lol

You're the best, mom!

OK, answers to questions super fast cuz we only have 45 min today because we had a zone activity on the top of a mountain. 

My momita cooks us food, that's it, lunches for two weeks cost 25 bucks and dinners 20, so every two weeks we pay her 45 each, a total of 90 from our apoyo, we get 120 every two weeks. 7 bucks goes to lights and 5 to water, we get reimbursed for that, light and water. The mamita of the hermanas does our laundry for free because she has a washing machine. People here normally wash clothes on concrete slabs. 

OK, strangest thing that happened, um how do I explain this, the guy I baptized, well he stole my camera and a phone from a bishop as well as 40 dollars and he disappeared he doesn't answer his phone and he's never at home..... sucks because I felt like I baptized someone not ready and I don't have a camera. Anyways yea... strange, sucky, lame.... yea... Best thing, me and my new companion have been contacting all week, we had 85 contacts this week, a high number and we found three new families to start teaching as well as a family that we have been teaching has committed to get married so they can be baptized. Lots going on.

Service is random, we helped build a concrete roof one time and we helped empty a messy house one time, other than that random service in the street.

My sector is super small so in the sector we walk EVERYWHERE, lol but when we have to go somewhere far it's by bus or taxi, and mom if you thought my driving was crazy you should see the busses here. haha 

No ash is falling here wind carries it a different direction. 

Other than that from my sector I can see three volcanoes two of which are erupting there are currently 4 volcanoes erupting, just spitting ash. There's like 30 other volcanoes in this mission though.

But I'm safe working hard speaking better Spanish every day. Missing everyone at home, especially your cooking mom, seriously am so tired of rice. lol welcome to ecuador.

Love you mom, 
Keep Maya in line with boys, and tell her I said that, lol.

Below are pictures that the Mission President and his wife posted from their recent Zone Conference
 September 21, 2015