Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015


Regular letters go to the mission office... not sure the adress, I'll look it up and I read emails online. P-days are always different. Today we went to a park as a zone, 24 missionaries and played sports. My Spanish is apparently really good for how much time I have, apparently I speak as though I have 6 months. I have 2 plus a month and a half in the MTC. LOL, so good I guess. Write me in Spanish to test me, although your Spanish is probably different than mine. My companion is Elder Bentley, from utah. He's awesome, he has 11 months. We get along super well and teach really well too. Packages I don't know much about. What would I like.... rootbeer..... lol, ummmm idk what else.... anything really, letters, maybe my cargo jogger pants lol idk really I've got most everything... texas tortillas Lol

You're the best, mom!

OK, answers to questions super fast cuz we only have 45 min today because we had a zone activity on the top of a mountain. 

My momita cooks us food, that's it, lunches for two weeks cost 25 bucks and dinners 20, so every two weeks we pay her 45 each, a total of 90 from our apoyo, we get 120 every two weeks. 7 bucks goes to lights and 5 to water, we get reimbursed for that, light and water. The mamita of the hermanas does our laundry for free because she has a washing machine. People here normally wash clothes on concrete slabs. 

OK, strangest thing that happened, um how do I explain this, the guy I baptized, well he stole my camera and a phone from a bishop as well as 40 dollars and he disappeared he doesn't answer his phone and he's never at home..... sucks because I felt like I baptized someone not ready and I don't have a camera. Anyways yea... strange, sucky, lame.... yea... Best thing, me and my new companion have been contacting all week, we had 85 contacts this week, a high number and we found three new families to start teaching as well as a family that we have been teaching has committed to get married so they can be baptized. Lots going on.

Service is random, we helped build a concrete roof one time and we helped empty a messy house one time, other than that random service in the street.

My sector is super small so in the sector we walk EVERYWHERE, lol but when we have to go somewhere far it's by bus or taxi, and mom if you thought my driving was crazy you should see the busses here. haha 

No ash is falling here wind carries it a different direction. 

Other than that from my sector I can see three volcanoes two of which are erupting there are currently 4 volcanoes erupting, just spitting ash. There's like 30 other volcanoes in this mission though.

But I'm safe working hard speaking better Spanish every day. Missing everyone at home, especially your cooking mom, seriously am so tired of rice. lol welcome to ecuador.

Love you mom, 
Keep Maya in line with boys, and tell her I said that, lol.

Below are pictures that the Mission President and his wife posted from their recent Zone Conference
 September 21, 2015

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