Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hey Dad,
I miss you a ton. I really wish I could have gone on that High Adventure trip with you. I'm so jealous.  You have no idea, but Bogota is amazing. I love it here. Spanish is a great language, not easy, but great. 

My companions are amazing! Teaching in a trio is hard, but we do a good job. Tomorrow we get to go contacting for 3 hours, which is a blessing because most of the time we are cooped up in this tiny MTC. And it is TINY. It holds max 109 missionaries and we currently have 70. Latinos are great. Different, but great. 

I've had some hard days, wondering if I'll ever actually get this language and be able to actually teach in it, but I'll say for being here only three weeks my spanish is pretty dang good. I can read and understand most everything. The scriptures are harder, but still I understand and get the basic ideas. My speaking is mas o menos perro yo penso.  I will get it sooner than later. 

I just want you to know how awesome of a dad you are and how awesome of a mom mom is. I miss you guys. I haven't been too home sick, because I won't let myself be, but i recognize how great of people you are. I am truly blessed to have parents like you two. I look at general authorities and the area 70 and even my CCM president and I can't help but recognize the same presence of God in them that I see in you. I'm sure being stake president isn't easy and probably not always your favorite thing but I'm glad that you are because by watching your example I see how important this gospel is to you. I love you and I miss you.

                                                                                                          -Elder Gonzalez

I'm proud of all of them for making it to the top, that's awesome!!! I bet that will be something they will never forget! Elias is a tough kid and a good one too. Tell everyone I miss them.

There is not much new, getting better at spanish and teaching better to. We have a new group of Latinos, but they leave on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we get Latino companions so our trio will be splitting up. Sad, but exciting too. It's crazy to think I only have two more weeks in the MTC. It's mindblowing that they trust me with as little spanish as I know to go teach the people of Ecuador. The gift of tongues is real. The church is true. This is the restored gospel and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.

                                                                                                          - Elder Gonzalez

I'll be able to write again next Tuesday.

Bogota, Colombia Temple

President and Sister Duval with Elder Samuel Gonzalez at the Bogota, Colombia Temple

Elder Samuel Gonzalez is in the middle of the back row.

Elder Samuel Gonzalez is in the middle of the back row.

This is my view out my window at night. There is a park and people are always playing basketball or futbol and sometimes even racing these super fast RC cars.

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