Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

So Cotopaxi [the volcano] is smoking, but that's about it. We have evacuation plans and emergency plans so I'll be fine. If it blows I'll head further south, so don't worry, I'll be safe. We actually drove past Cotopaxi on our way back from Quito so I took a few pictures. I'll send them. I've never seen a volcano before so it was pretty wild. I think the ice cap has melted or is melting which is really dangerous for the surrounding areas with huge mudslides that could cover towns and cities. It's super crazy what would happen if it did blow, but it's not likely. 

About the rice, seriously it's just white rice with nothing in it with a piece of chicken or hard beef, and a bowl of soup. The soup here is amazing!!! I don't eat many vegetables, lettuce and tomato is about it. there is this one fruit that is pretty crazy. I can't remember the name but it's loco sour, enserio!!! It's yellow and small like a grape, but kinda like a little tomato texture. 

Sorry I don't have any more time to write. I love you guys, stay safe and be good. Say your prayers and read your scriptures every day.  3rd nephi chapter 11 is always a good one. 

Elder Gonzalez

Hey Dad,
I'll check out D&C 5 and 6, I don't have any more time to write but I'll answer your questions first when I get on next.

What mission did you serve in in Argentina? 

Give me advice for people who need relationship help and encouragement and a desire to get married. That's a huge struggle and also some advice on how to activate members in missionary work. 

I love you a ton, sounds like Maya had a great birthday. She's a good kid and she'll be awesome cuz she has awesome parents, love you gtg. 

Elder Gonzalez


Wow Maya looks super tan!!! and super old!! I didn't know that that elder emailed my dad, thats pretty cool, it was nice to meet someone else from san antonio and talk about times we may have met at multi stake activities and stuff, super cool.

Grandma, you would not believe how many stray dogs there are here, and how incredibly skinny they are. They all look like they are going to die any minute. It's really crazy, and all they eat is trash on the street. But besides the dogs, its super pretty here, and the temperature is always like 70ish every day. At night it's a little cooler, como 60 or 55. 

Miss you a ton and am so grateful for your love and support. How is Haley doing, does she love colorado yet?

Elder Gonzalez

Sister Christensen says, "Cotopaxi has continued to spew ash during the week.  This photo was taken from the mission home Saturday morning.  The official reports continue to say that an eruption with lava is unlikely."
Elder Gonzalez is currently residing in Ambato which is about 40-45 miles southwest of Cotopaxi.

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