Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 26, 2016

August 1, 2016


Sounds like everything is very Quiet at home!! I'm sure that's really weird! 

Crazyness happened this past week, we had emergency changes and I'm no longer in a trio. I'm not sure what caused the changes but I am now in Latacunga with Elder Welch from Ohio! He is really awesome, he has 1 year and like 4 days in the mission now. 

Latacunga is pretty flat and Cotopaxi is really close. I havn't been able to take a good picture yet because there are always clowds overhanging and hiding the volcano but it's very pretty here. It's cold and windy with off and on light drizzles. We had 92 people at church on Sunday, I hope we will be able to get that number up! There are like a billion Catholic churches here in down town, they are always pretty cool to look at ;P

Elder Welch and I are gonna try to do a diet to loose some fat and get Tuco (buff) so we will see how that goes :P

We are working with a few investigators but one in particular is Alex, he is like 17 years old and wants to get baptized but his parents won't give him permission,  but he is very strong and has great desires. I really hope his example will warm the hearts of his parents!

I love you Mom, tell Maya, Elias, Sarah, and Marisol I love them too!!! 

I hope everyone has a safe week and a good week!!!

Elder Gonzalez

Eggs given to us, don't know what kind they are, but they tasted good.

Elder Welch with Hermano Fausto who was a ward mission leader for 20 years!!! He's now 81 and still loves missionary work!!

Our apartment in Latacunga

Latacunga District

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