Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 12, 2016

Hey mom! 

Thanks for your letter, it's super comforting! 

This week has been really cool! We were able to "rescue" a menos activo member who is super old but super cool! and we had 4 baptisms! 2 of them from the Hermanas and 2 of our own! I was able to baptize 2 of them and I got to confirm one of them on Sunday!! The baptism was really cool, short and sweet, all of them got up and bore their testimonies of the atonement and of the change they have seen in their lives. I'm excited to continue to work with them and help them grow!! 

We had changes today and my companion went to Chillogallo to be a zone leader and I received a Latino who is pretty new to the mission. His name is Elder Arevalo and he's from San Salvador!! He just barely finished his training and this will be his 3rd change. I'm still here in good old Latacunga and now I'm the District leader which is both exciting and a little crazy since I'm still so new, but I think I'll be able to learn a lot this change. 

I think this change will be awesome, we have been finding a lot of people these past few weeks and a lot of them have great potential to progress!! I'm really hoping we will be able to help them all! 

The mission is lots of fun, there are always new things to learn and to do and to improve on! Plus there are always unexpected things that pop up here and there! So life in the mission is always exciting, haha, you always have to be on your toes!!! 

I'm really hoping my Spanish will get really good during this change and that's my goal!! haha, so we will see in a few weeks if I've improved at all, Lol.

Anyways I love you guys and miss you all a ton!!! 
Con mucho amor
Elder Gonzalez

Gramma & Grampa,

Haha, that's awesome that you guys got the lawnmower working and the weed whacker!!! That's pretty awesome!! Did Elias come over and do your yard or did Grandpa get on the lawnmower and do it? 

Thats pretty cool that aunt Jen is in England, I've always wanted to go there, I can't say I share the same excitements for Mr Darcy, but that still sounds really cool!!!  Haha. 

We had changes today and my companion went to a zone called Chillogallo as a zone leader so that's pretty cool and I received a new elder from San Salvador, he just finished his training but he's really cool. I've been called as District Leader which is exciting and crazy at the same time since I'm so new, haha. But it will be cool to learn new things and now that my companion is Latino we will only speak Spanish so my Spanish should start to get better!

We had 4 baptisms this past week , the sister missionaries had 2 and we had 2 and I got to baptize two of them! It was really cool to see all of them come out of the font and then go share their testimonies. They all have seen a huge change in their lives and I'm super excited for them all!! Now we get to start prepping them for the temple! Super cool!! 

This past week my companion and I were walking down a street and we heard someone yell "Hola!!" so I looked around and didn't see anyone, but then I heard it again, but coming from a tree! I started looking through the branches and there was a green parrot in the tree and it was talking to us !!! haha, it was sooo cool and random haha! We tried talking to it, but it only knew a few words! Little things like that just make the mission tons of fun!!! 

Miss you a ton and I always keep you in my prayers!!


Elder Gonzalez

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