Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 26, 2016

August 29, 2016

I've got to go soon, but I'll send something short!!

I'm pretty sure I have defeated the stomach infection. I am feeling much better!!! Thanks Grandma I'll have to use it!! 

This past week we barely even got to work in our sector, Tuesday evening we had to travel to Ambato and then Elder Welch went to Quito for a district leader meeting and I stayed in Ambato with an Elder Ruiz. Wednesday night Elder Welch came back from Quito and we stayed the night in the zone leaders house in Ambato because Thursday we had district and zone meetings in Ambato. Then we did divisions with the zone leaders for most of the day, then we had to sleep in an old house that the mission isn't using at the moment because there aren't many missionaries and our house had no electricity so if you look in the pictures I sent, there is one of a candle. Well we borrowed a flashlight from the dweno and I found a candle and lit it and set it in a bottle cap and that was our light, haha.  Then Friday we had a zone conference with the mission president and then we got home to Latacunga late that night. 

So it's been a lot of traveling but, also good. Today we had a zone activity in Ambato with zone T-shirts. We had a mini Olympics, it was lots of fun!!

Anyways I've gotta go, we have to shower and then travel to Quito again because Elder Welch has to renew his visa, haha, but we will be back in Latacunga again tomorrow evening.

Elder Gonzalez

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