Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hello from Ecuador!!!

I arrived here in Ecuador and I am safe! I am currently in a trio with Elder Groberg de Arizona, and Elder Chavez de Peru. They are both very cool!! We are working in Los Chillos in a sector called Vista Hermosa. Its basically a mountain and is a pretty big sector so we do a lot of up and down all day long haha. Today for P-day we went to the top of the mountain to take pictures and then we went to this mall that has a little resonante where they sell root beer. I think that's got to be the only place in Ecuador where they sell root beer, Haha. We no longer have pansionistas solo the members sign up for a day of when they can feed us. It's kinda nice because we get to know more members.

Since my sector is in the mountains its perfect, It doesn't rain much in my sector because all the rain clouds are in the valley below us. In the morning it gets a little cold but during the day its perfect, I never sweat and I never feel cold until the sun goes down. Only then do I put on a sweater and its sufficient. 

We are currently working with a familia called familia Alverez. they are less active and have two sons. The first is 9 years old and the other is 7. The 9 year old has a baptismal date for this Saturday and he's really excited the only problem is he is terrified of water to the extend he doesn't even like to take showers or baths, haha, so his parents are taking him swimming and giving him baths to prepare him. His name is Jaime. There is also a 13 year old girl who's has a baptismal date coming up but I don't know her yet.

This past Sunday, our zone leaders visited the familia Alverez with us so that Jaime could have his baptismal interview. One of my Zone leaders was in the CCM with me so it was cool to catch up with him and to see how he is doing.  

It's a bit strange being back in the mission, more than anything it's pretty humbling. It's amazing to me how the Savior can take imperfect people and change them into something good. It's my hope that maybe I'll be able to help someone change their life by inviting them to follow the Savior. 

I hope all is well back home and I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Gonzalez

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