Come Unto Chirst

Come Unto Chirst

Monday, September 26, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hey that's crazy that school and seminary is already starting! Is everyone ready?? Tell Maya I said happy birthday! 17 is a big number, lol. 

I got the chance to read your talk mom and I really enjoyed it!! I printed it out and have it at my house to read whenever I need a talk to read!!

This week has been CRAZY!!!  haha, I have literally had "diarrhea for easters"! ...and not just any ordinary diarrhea, I mean I have had Niagara falls draining out of me for 6 days, lol. like just imagine, 6 days of Niagara falls going as it pleases. Like literally, I had no control over my own bowels! I was going through toilet paper like no other!!! ...and every time I ate something it was like it was put though a blender and shot out in like 15 minutes!! It's common here to eat Papi pollo or salchi papa and I had one the other day and when we walked out of the restaurant, I was instantly hit with absolute urge to go to the bathroom and we were a little ways from the house and holding that back in my intestines hurt like someone was stabbing me in the gut and my companion thought it was the funniest thing on planet earth. So we headed toward a members house that lived close by, but they weren't home so then we had to make the trek back to the house and I was dying!! He could not stop laughing at me and all my comments about how bad I had to go and how dumb it was of me to eat greasy salchi papa. Well, we made it. Barely. haha! Its always the mission Enfermeras first response to say "do a 24 hour liquid diet" so I did and had no success so I had to take a test where I had to take a sample of my crap and give it to a  little medical place. I didn't understand the results but the Enfermeras told me I have 2 different stomach infections and they aren't nice ones either. I'm having to take 5 pills a day for 10 days in order to kill the bacteria in my stomach. It's not necessarily fun but the diarrhea has gone away so that's a blessing. This medicine makes me dehydrate really easily so I've been trying to keep up on water but I'm still having headaches. Honestly I just can't wait for whatever little jerk is living in my stomach to die, haha. 

On the bright side, today my companion and I got to go to Quilotoa, which is a huge volcano with a lake in the middle. The drive is amazing way up in the mountains surrounded by farms with sheep herds and llamas!! It was way cool!! I don't know if I'll get to send pictures today because of time but I'll try! It was amazingly windy and cold at the rim of the volcano, but when you hike down to the lake it's warm and sheltered from the harsh winds. There is a place where you can rent a canoe or a kayak but we aren't allowed to as missionaries but some other guy did and it looked pretty cool! The wind comes down from the rim and touches down in the center of the lake making large and swift swirls across the surface. The clouds are flying by and their shadows race across the water. It's really pretty but the hike back up is a killer!! You can rent donkeys to carry you up, but as missionaries we can't do that either. LOL, so we had to walk and it took us 40 mins to hike up and we were booking it so we could get back home on time. It's super steep and its a sand trail so that the donkeys don't get hurt so its really hard to climb because your slipping backwards the whole time, but if you walk on the rock walls its way easier!! haha that was the trick we found. 

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys this new year of school and seminary!! To make y'all jealous, all the kids down here are still on vacation, haha. But seriously enjoy it because it goes by really fast and before you know it it feels like it was just a dream. 

Remember always to put Heavenly Father first in all the things you do! Pray, read your scriptures and try to apply what you learn! 

Elder Gonzalez

Haha that work trip sounds pretty tough workwise, but I'm super jealous you got all that good Maine seafood!!! That sounds so good right now!! 

How long has Sister Lundeen been the stake YW President, it seems like she's been that forever!! Seminary teacher isn't any easier of a calling either. LOL, but she will be good!!

Tell all the kids I said good luck this year at school and seminary and to make it fun. 

It seems like you are always meeting new general authorities, haha, but that's super cool. I do remember Elder Robbins asking me about a mission, but not much else. 

It's been a hectic week, I came down with two different stomach infections and am having to take 5 pills a day to kill the bacteria. I'll say more about that in my general email. 

But its also been a good week, I've been learning a lot. 

Anyways, I love you dad. Stay healthy and have a good week!!!

Elder Gonzalez

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